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Nic się nie martw. Napisz do nas, pomożemy tak szybko jak będzie to możliwe ;)


To see the most beautiful adit of the Golden Mountains you must necessarily visit the Ochrowa Adit. Both the walls and the ceiling are covered with orange colour, which is an overfow of ochre – a weathery of rocks rich in iron compounds.
If you have ever wondered what the underground or caves on Mars, known as the „red planet” might look like, then this tunnel is an ideal example of this.
Probably none of us will visit Mars, but a substitute for how it can be there you may find in Złoty Stok.
But it is not only the unusual colour scheme that distinguishes this tunnel, a few metres further you will come across a 48 cm long and 28cm wide stalactite („the so-called Schwertmannit”). In addition, an old shaft, more than a few meters deep with an original wooden casing and a system of wooden pipes for shaft drainage has been uncovered on the bottom of the tunnel. Such a system can be seen in the 16th-century engravings of Georgius Agricola. A real surprise awaits at the end of the excavation, and that is a „spring hall”. It was here, as it turned out, that the arsenic-iron source of  water had its beginning.
We invite you on a wonderful journey with our guide, who will  take you back to the long hidden secrets of this unusual adit. Don’t worry about your outfit, we will provide for you  proper clothes, needed for this type of expedition, we will also supply you with the torches. If you decide to visit the Gold Mine or the Medieval Mining Settlement, we recommend buying a combined ticket, the price of which in this case is much more advantageous so you can save your money and see more. The adit is open to the public daily from 9:00 to 18:00

ul Złota
57-250 Złoty Stok
T: 74 8 175 508