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Foundation „Ranczo Nasza Szkapa”

Our Scout’s Ranch is a foundation cooperating with a number of associations. It has carried out educational projects, participated in historical stagings, etc. In the ranch pens you will find not only horses but also many other animals, which confirmes that it is a place full of passion, love and respect for all the creatures.

The Ranch offers:

  • tourist carts, chaises and sleigh rides for organised groups;
  • horse, pony and donkey rides tof children and teenagers;
  • horseriding lessons from scratch and improving riding skills under the guidance of qualified instructors;
  • hypotherapy
  • field trips
  • educational activities with horses and other farm animals including historical and ecological content for school groups;
  • binding of outdoor events, city events and other celebrations;
  • visiting the mini zoo in the ranch area (even the youngest one can feed and care for our animals, which are gentle, arranged and accustomed to it).

Foundation „Ranczo Nasza Szkapa”
ul. Traugutta 7
57-250 Złoty Stok
T: 665-481-285
(Leszek Zasada, found’s president)